The art of storytelling

It starts with an idea

I love a simple doodle on a bar napkin, inspiration from a great conversation or even just jotting down a quick note after a particularly vivid dream. Let's take that idea and nurture it together!

Then we join up and riff

Collaboration is mixed media of the minds! Why use just one person's ideas and resources when you can meld strengths to come up with something wholly unique?!

Now we get to work

We combine forces and explore new methods and tools. Dedicating our time and knowledge to developing something that makes the whole team proud.

The results are magical

When a dream team unites, anything is possible! We'll create entirely new worlds with complex and relatable characters and engaging plots!

Want to work with me? Reach out!

I'd love to talk to you about your passions, values and experience and how they shine through in your latest project! Get in touch...I love making new friends!